Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Scrolling again.

wow, after tons of code, I have decided to ditch my scroll routine, it was great (may come in usefull some other time) but not flexible enough. I have decided once again to go with a $d011 scroll. but expand it so its more of agsp.

the benifits are obvoius, uses less raster time & by using agsp I can offer multi directional scrolling

righty, now I can continue putting in my slope detection


  1. Are you still working on this? It'd be great to see some updates. You had some awesome work coming along. I'd support the game if you come out with a NTSC release.

  2. Hi, I came across this following a link on Wow, this looks great and I support your project. Love the fact that you used to code on the C64 some 20 years ago and now working on a Apex inspired platformer for the almighty C64. Fantastic! I wish you the best of all and hope you will finish the game.