Monday, 14 March 2011

scroll code

well, the main scroll routine has been written and debugged, I wanted 2 way scrolling (left - right & vice verse)
and i wanted this silky smooth and fast, I also wanted this full screen open borders.

I was going to use vsp for shifting the screen data but have opted for the more traditional method. but have achived the speed I want by using self modifying code. the scroll routine as such is really compact and fast.

I is very chuffed with it and am now adding in control code so boober can run up & down hills.

when this is complete I will post a vid of it in action.

on a different note,  set this blog up to log the creation stages of this game, I did not set up this blog to post daily updates. I dont work on boober everyday , I work fulltime, I have 2 kids etc etc etc. updates happen as and when.

keep watching

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