Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Scrolling again.

wow, after tons of code, I have decided to ditch my scroll routine, it was great (may come in usefull some other time) but not flexible enough. I have decided once again to go with a $d011 scroll. but expand it so its more of agsp.

the benifits are obvoius, uses less raster time & by using agsp I can offer multi directional scrolling

righty, now I can continue putting in my slope detection

Monday, 14 March 2011

scroll code

well, the main scroll routine has been written and debugged, I wanted 2 way scrolling (left - right & vice verse)
and i wanted this silky smooth and fast, I also wanted this full screen open borders.

I was going to use vsp for shifting the screen data but have opted for the more traditional method. but have achived the speed I want by using self modifying code. the scroll routine as such is really compact and fast.

I is very chuffed with it and am now adding in control code so boober can run up & down hills.

when this is complete I will post a vid of it in action.

on a different note,  set this blog up to log the creation stages of this game, I did not set up this blog to post daily updates. I dont work on boober everyday , I work fulltime, I have 2 kids etc etc etc. updates happen as and when.

keep watching

Monday, 21 February 2011

its all about the code..

no new screens to show yet, but I have been working on the code

the title screen, highscore & disk loader are complete, I am working on the tape loader atm
joachim wijnhoven is providing the aural ambience and I gotta say its sounding nice :)

keep chucklin to myself , I havent coded a game on the 64 in over 20 years, but funny thing is
right now it could have been yesterday (ok so I dug out my old battered copy of reato colin wests book)

but its there, I still remember.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


All the best games had loading screens and more often than not either a thumping hubbard or wailing jeroen tel sound to them, BooBer will be no different. here is a very early teaser of how the loading screen is looking, this has had 2 hours work and will require plenty more before i am satisfied, however I had an idea in my head and wanted to get a start on it before it dissapeared (like a fart in the wind)
I want to have the left side of the image with nice nurseryland things and on the right I want evil lurking in the shadows of the dark forest as little Boo looses his way ..

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I have created this blog for the c64 community to document what will be (I hope) a super new platform game, focused on a tiny little brown bear called Boo ! .

Boo has got lost in nurseryland whilst on a picnic with his parents. you must help Boo return safely home..
of course nothing is ever so simple, Nuseryland is also inhabited by some fairly evil nasties intent on harming Boo.

All level 1 background gfx have been drawn, using the APEX boys as inspiration there are color mixing tricks abound to create a proper arcadey feel :)

sprites have been started our here looks alot like this

do I continue ??? .. well you decide, feedback and encouragment are all i need