Thursday, 3 February 2011


I have created this blog for the c64 community to document what will be (I hope) a super new platform game, focused on a tiny little brown bear called Boo ! .

Boo has got lost in nurseryland whilst on a picnic with his parents. you must help Boo return safely home..
of course nothing is ever so simple, Nuseryland is also inhabited by some fairly evil nasties intent on harming Boo.

All level 1 background gfx have been drawn, using the APEX boys as inspiration there are color mixing tricks abound to create a proper arcadey feel :)

sprites have been started our here looks alot like this

do I continue ??? .. well you decide, feedback and encouragment are all i need


  1. I would say that it looks like the sort of game that my daughter would enjoy, but at the moment she likes Robocop on the C64; she's only two and a half, so I suppose that she'll grow out of it.

    Looks alright though so far, carry on!

  2. Good beginning!

    Keep it up.

    Couple of questions:
    What is that sprite editor that you use ? It looks like you can edit overlayed sprites with it ?

    And, will it be parallax scrolled background?

  3. Its cool. You shoudl continue...

  4. Graphics look real nice! Looking
    forward to watching this game

  5. This looks really good! Please mail me, I might have something that could be of interest.

  6. Looks good. dont stop! i would play it if you got it finished. i would also transfer it to a real cassette and play it on my real C64.

  7. Yes, that looks very nice indeed. Please carry on! I assure you that we will review this game as soon as it'll be ready in RETURN magazine ( I really like the cute looks of it and think that the game would also make a good release on Tape or Disk for the commmunity to buy.

  8. Looks very, very good. Boo the tiny little brown bear is amazing!! I'll buy this game!!

  9. Looking good! I especially like the overlayed Boo sprite!
    Question!: Are you looking for a musician?
    I made Forester music which is in HVSC under Wijnhoven_Joachim.
    So I have some experience in cutesy games music.
    You can directly mail to: